Artista - iscritto il 25 feb 2007

Luogo: Ledeganckplein 7 - The Hague - NL

Email - brighart@kpnmail.nl

Sito web - www.brighart.nl

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Brighart, born in Amsterdam.
She attended workshops and classes of: Michiel Czn. Dhont, Anton Assies, Agaath Koers, Dorien Melis, Aleid Holman and Femia Morselt.From 1989-1990 she attented the Rietveld Amsterdam.
From 2004 till 2007,Brighart worked full-time as an artist autonoom painting  at WBK Free Academy studio for visual arts in The Hague.Also from 2010-2011 on the WDKA at Rotterdam .Brighart’s colourful paintings are rich in shades of red.
Apart from acrylic paint she makes use of the newest materials like the Liquitex  and Lascaux paint. This thick super heavy paste allows a dynamic texture, attracting the attention to the canvas and the beauty of the paint.

At the momement she is working with layers of transparent acryl-paint,(Lascaux),Underwater without water 2008;Valley 2010 ; IJsselmeer 2012; Nature-serie 2013-2014.
Some times I,am using glass beads.See Flirti bird 2008 and New York mmorial 2014
Artist statement : The idea that artists have a special role to play in bringing peace to people and countries appeals very much to me “Participating in this ‘struggle for peace’ fits in with the way I work and why I paint.”

Positive energy
Brighart’s oeuvre radiates positivism, energy and warmth. Though it is abstract, it stirs the imagination. The use of colour in particular appeals to many. Energy and movement are the subjects that inspire Brighart to make her paintings and prints. “Everything is energy, everything is in movement. That energy and power is what I want to express in my paintings. I would like people to recognize what I paint, even though it is abstract. There is positive and negative energy. Many artists concentrate on negative energy, on misery and frustration. Whatever you pay attention to, grows. That is why I would rather focus on the glass that is half full, on love, on happiness. Or, as Popper put it, “Optimism is a moral duty.”


-Water for life Niagara Falls  History museum 2018

-afforable art amsterdam 2016 

-Art Takes Manhattan ,Caelum Gallery  NY 2016

-art fair new york 

certificate of Excellence , 
Thomas Tunberg, DirectorArtavita 30-3-2018

-Palm art award Leipzig,Germany "Certificates of Excellence"2009

-Firenze premio speciale"La pergola Arte": 2009
-Florence biennale award for the DFBA.(bringing the DFBA through the World);2007
-preselection Seetal award;2007




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