How To Guides: Events

Learn more about adding and promoting your events on Equilibri

Events are very easy to add and/or modify but this ‘How to’ guide will make your life even simpler. Here's how to add an event step by step.

Step 1 Where and When
The first thing to do is adding the venue where your event will take place. Start typing the name of the venue in the appropriate field and the automatic word recognition feature will show you a list of venues. If the venue already exists in the list, all you need to do is selecting it. If not, please select the option at the top of the list: ‘Have you found the venue you are looking for? If not, ADD A NEW VENUE’

Once you have selected or added the venue of your choice, the latest events held at that venue (if any) will appear so that you can avoid adding an event that has been already added by others.
(should you want to add yourself as a participant to an even already present, please contact the website administrators listed in ‘About’ at the bottom of this page)
You can now insert Start and End Dates and you are all set for Step 2.

Step 2: What
It doesn’t matter if your event is an art fair, a solo show or the local festival. The single most important thing to remember is that the way you insert the event has an impact on the event promotion and ultimately on how it reflects on yourself.
Whether your event will be held at the Louvre Museum or at the function room down the street, it is up to you to present it at its best!
In Step 2 you add the event title and a description.

Tip: writing a captivating description will increase the chances that someone reading it will decide to attend!

Step 3: Artists
In this page you can add artists as participants to your event. Please note that you can only invite artists who are registered members of the website. The artists added will be temporarily added to a ‘awaiting confirmation’ list in this page. They will receive a notification and will either accept or decline your invite. Once accepted, the event will appear on the artist’s personal page in the ‘Events’ section.
Remember, you will need to add your own name and follow the procedure described above to be able to see the event in your own page.

Step 4: Options
There are two options when it comes to add an event: BASIC (free) and PROfessional (€18-25 depending on the number of events bought). PRO Events will appear on the homepage for a while and will be advertised on all our social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+).

Read more about the differences between BASIC AND PRO EVENTS.

At least one image (or more if desired) is required in order to complete your event. Some images will adapt better than others to the size of the frame where they will be shown. PRO Events are like mini websites which can be viewed full screen. We recommend that you use images with a higher definition (1200x600 minimum) and 2:1 proportion.
Images for BASIC Events will be shown in smaller frames and can be lower definition but they still require a 2:1 proportion to best fit the frame.

Tip: more images would make your event look even more appealing, you can always go back and add images as they become available. Tip #2 : if you add more cover images they will be shown in slideshow mode.

Click on ‘Create’… Et voila, all done. Hey, that was easy!

Here you can find examples of a Basic Event and of a PRO Event.

Modify your event
An event can be fully modified by using the commands at the top of the event page. Your event can also be followed by others who are planning to attend or just interested in it by clicking on ‘Follow the event’ at the bottom of the event page.
You can add more images and more information, invite more artists, in a nutshell you can change anything you want and all your changes will be notified to both the artists and those who follow your event. Handy, isn’t it?

More How To Guides can be found in Equilibri's tutorial section in the COMMUNITY.or you can find the latest tutorials on the homepage.


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