Frequently asked questions addressing specific issues are included below. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a list of tutorials on how to use the site to its full potential. Here to help!

Where are all the commands to make changes to my page?
The commands to modify or customise are always located at the top on the command line below the main menu bar. Depending on which page you are on, the available commands on the line will change.
How do I add a new event?
Go to the main menu bar at the top, click on EVENTS, then select 'ADD EVENT' and follow the instructions from there.
How can I edit an event that I have added?
Click on the event and then on the command line click on 'SETTINGS '. You can only edit events added by you.
How do I write a personal message?
To access the inbox, simply click on the envelop icon on the main menu bar (next to the notifications icon) and you'll find ' WRITE NEW MESSAGE ' on the command line. Simply type the recipient's name (suggestions will pop up as you type) and compose your message. Alternatively, on each page there is an icon that enables you to send a personal messages to that user.
How do I open a new forum?
To start a new topic first click on COMMUNITY and then select “Forum”, or click on one of the posts featured on the homepage. On the command line at the top you'll find ' NEW DISCUSSION '.
How do I post in my blog?
Go to your profile and then open BLOG. On the command line at the top you will find ' ADD NEW POST '. Alternatively, you can access it via COMMUNITY in the menu bar at the top and then select “Blog”. You'll find the command 'NEW POST ' at the top right under the language selection icon.
What’s new on the PRO pages?

The new PRO pages have been created with the aim to offer a more professional , clean, elegant looking page but at the easy to use and customise. On the WORKS section, that has been completely revamped, you can showcase your work by uploading unlimited images that can be viewed as big as their actual size (within the limits of your screen).

The BLOG page has been simplified: posting is now more intuitive and you can upload lots of images, videos and links!

In BIO and INFO there is plenty of space for you to add all the relevant information about yourself.

The new space ILIKE is where you pin all your favourite content: events, articles, works by other artists and so on! Use it to create a network and to follow your contacts’ works, events and projects!

PRO Pages can be purchased directly from your Basic Page by clicking on the banner at the top left corner! (for info and prices : link to the promotional page PRO/Basic Page )

What is a PRO event?
A PRO event is in essence a mini website, very similar to a PRO page with a professional look and the ability to upload an unlimited number of images, statistics, information and especially comments and images from other users with a sort of interactive message board. That’ll surely make an impression with your social media following! All of the above to a very accessible price, find out more here. (link to promotional page PRO/Basic Event)
What is MI PIACE?
The MI PIACE page is bit like your personal dashboard where you can pin all your preferences such as works by fellow artists , articles or blogs for which you have clicked on the ' I Like' button . This space also contains the comments left by other users on your message board.
What is the ‘Social’ Page?
The 'Social' Page is the Community’s homepage : here you can find the latest blogs, forums and works, as well as all the featured content all on one page.
Did not find the answer to your question?
Send us a personal message here (oddblip) or just send us an email to info@equilibriarte.net and we will do our best to help you with your enquiry.
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