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From Paris: A Taste for Impressionism

07/07/2012 - 23/09/2012
Showcasing major works from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts, this exhibition illustrates the Clark’s holdings of French 19th-century art, with particular emphasis upon Impressionism. Édouard Manet, 'Moss Roses in a Vase', 1882. Oil on canvas, 55.9 x 34.6 cm. © Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA, 1955.556. The exhibition includes masterpieces by Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Degas, Sisley and Morisot, as well as an exceptional group of more than twenty paintings by Renoir. The collection also embraces important works by pre-Impressionist artists such as Corot, Théodore Rousseau and J-F. Millet, as well as examples of highly polished ‘academic’ paintings by Gérôme, Alma-Tadema and Bouguereau. The 70 works in the exhibition are presented by genre, in order to reveal the range of subject matter and diversity of stylistic approach in French 19th-century art. The groups of works include: landscapes and cityscapes; marine views; genre paintings depicting scenes of everyday life; nudes; still lifes; portraits - including self portraits of artists central to the exhibition such as Renoir and Degas, and paintings reflecting the contemporary interest in Orientalism. Exhibition organised by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, in association with the Royal Academy of Arts.
Spazio espositivo: Royal Academy of Arts Città: London Indirizzo: Burlington House Piccadilly London W1J 0BD Telefono: 020 7300 8000 Sito web: http://www.royalacademy.org.uk/

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