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After the Party - The Legacy of Celebration

London - RIBA
25/06/2012 - 05/10/2012
2012 is a special moment in the history of London and the UK. We have embarked upon an ambitious building programme with new spaces and structures dedicated to marking this Olympic year, but how does this contemporary effort compare with celebrations past? What became of the monuments we erected in the name of former Olympics, millennia, world fairs, victories in battle and expos? After the party, what happened to them and how does the proposed 2012 legacy compare? This exhibition explores how celebratory events across time have left a legacy through the structures built for them. Drawing on the RIBA's unique collections, it examines the lasting social and urban impact of buildings created to celebrate a particular moment in time. Admission free. http://www.architecture.com/WhatsOn/Exhibitions/At66PortlandPlace/2012/Summer/AftertheParty-TheLegacyofCelebration.aspx Photo Atomium in Brussels built for the 1958 World's Fair © de.wikipedia.org - Benutzer: Avvountalive
Spazio espositivo: RIBA Città: London Indirizzo: 66 Portland Place Sito web: www.architecture.com

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