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100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design

19/04/2012 - 03/06/2012
Swiss graphic design – one of the country’s leading products – is encountered everywhere. While a single individual style cannot be identified, a certain common approach is evident. This is revealed in the striking awareness of quality in the works, in the skilled handcraft, as well as in the precision and reduction to essentials. Graphic design from Switzerland reflects both international trends and local qualities; irony and wit are its constant companions. The view of one hundred years of graphic design shows both the diversity of current visual communication as well as the fine lines of tradition that connect works from different epochs. Alongside the poster and smaller items of printed matter, the show also includes outstanding examples from advertising and information graphics, typography, signage or book design, design objects that relate to graphic design, as well as selected striking advertising spots, and works for web design. Many objects come from the museum’s own collection. Text from http://www.museum-gestaltung.ch/en/exhibitions/exhibitions-2012/100-years-of-swiss-graphic-design/
Spazio espositivo: Museum für Gestaltung (Museum of Design) Città: Zürich Indirizzo: Ausstellungsstrasse 60 8005 Zurich Sito web: http://www.museum-gestaltung.ch

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