opening gio 19 gen

Zilkha Auditorium

London - Whitechapel
19/01/2012 - 25/03/2012
Corin Sworn’s video Lens Prism (2010) presents an unbroken monologue spoken by an actor in a simply-lit, atmospheric theatre space. Combining a variety of 19th and 20th century reference points to literature, theory and film, the work becomes the prism through which these are reinterpreted. Glasgow-based artist Corin Sworn is interested in the ways that narrative can be appropriated, disrupted and re-edited to construct different stories. Her work weaves together a complex mesh of fragmented references and memories to reveal the subjectivity of personal experience. Artists’ Film International showcases international artists working with film, video and animation as selected by 12 partner organisations around the world.
Spazio espositivo: Whitechapel Città: London Indirizzo: 82 Whitechapel High Street Sito web: www.whitechapelgallery.org

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