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Promo soft web technologies Graphic Design

28/08/2016 - 29/08/2016

Promosoft team of professional graphic designers excel in the art of creativity, in furnishing the website with eye-catching, but unobtrusive graphic designs, in every website taken as a project for web designing. All the basic elements of good and purposeful elements of graphic designing such as – web page layout; creating set patterns; and endless shapes through appropriate software are carried out, without blemish.
Carefully laying out the lines, dotted, straight or curved lines for illustration purposes; experience in color theory in applying the appropriate color theme, for making any image stand out; choicest typefaces are used for published texts with alignment, spacing and eye-pleasing colors and fonts; artwork, illustration, photography are carefully selected to attract the attention of the web visitors in micro-seconds – these are some other specialties of Promosoft, while providing excellent Graphic design for your website.

Spazio espositivo: Indiana University Kokomo Art Gallery Città: Kokomo Indirizzo: 2300 S. Washington Street Kokomo, IN 46904-9003 Sito web: http://www.iuk.edu/~koart/

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