Enrico Danna

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Enrico Danna
il 04 ottobre 2010

I'm not afraid.

I'm not afraid
when you look into my eyes.

My dreams
are silence.

My dreams are spoken words.

I lose my control
when you call my name.

No tears. No fears.

Keep your mind
away from me.

Keep your body
away from me.

No tears. No fears.

I'm your illusion
the scarlet butterfly
which paints your life.

Your sunshine anyway.

I'm the raven
that steals your eyes
when the night falls down
and your soul slips
from the fingers of a star.

I'm not afraid
when your mouth kisses me.

Worms and blood
iron and steel
are words not spoken.

I'm not afraid.

But you....don't leave me this way...


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