Street Art in Venice

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il 30 maggio 2015
The Bridges of Graffiti at Venice Biennale 2015

Street Art makes its debut at the 56th Venice Biennale with the exhibition The Bridges of Graffiti, a collaborative showcase encompassing work by ten of the world's most prolific graffiti artists.

The impressive line-up taking part in the project includes: Boris Tellegen, Doze Green, Eron, Futura, Mode 2, SKKI, Jayone, Todd James / REAS, Teach and Zero-T. The exhibition unites the group for the first time in creating a multi-faceted display within the Arterminal walls, alongside a rich body of individual pieces and collection of books spanning the history of graffiiti.

The Bridges of Graffiti follows Arte di Frontiera New York Graffiti, curated by Francesca Allinovi in 1984 to increase exposure of the prominent New York graffiti scene at that time. The upcoming instalment continues in the same vein, seeking to highlight major contributions to the graffiti writing culture and ongoing evolution of the movement and its best known artists. The exhibition will be hosted within the San Basilio Terminal as part of the inaugural Arterminal project, drawing on the international relevance of the city's harbour in supporting the cross-pollination of art spanning various cultures.

The Bridges of Graffiti will run from May 9th until November 22nd // Open 7 days a week from 10.10am – 8.20pm

Arterminal c/o Terminal S. Basilio, Fondamenta Zattere Ponte di Legno, Venezia

Admission € 10 / Reduced € 8 for students / Free admission for children under 10 years


  • Pittura
  • Fotografia
  • Fashion & Style
  • Corsi e Concorsi
  • Video, Cinema e Musica
  • Illustrazione
  • Libri d'Arte
  • Tecnica
  • Mostre
  • Design


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