New record for Gauguin!

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il 09 febbraio 2015
Sold the painting Nafeaa Faa Ipoipo for the record price of 300 million American dollars

It was sold by the Swiss collector Rudolf Staechelin to a consortium of national museums of Qatar, the painting by Paul Gauguin, called 'Nafea faa ipoipo', depicting two Tahitian girls with a typical Polynesian background. The oil on canvas painting, produced by the French artist on 1892, was auctioned at Sotheby's for a record  price of $ 300 million American dollars, making it the most expensive opera of the world, surpassing the 250 million spent nearly three years ago for 'The card Players' by Cézanne.
It was the same Staechelin, owner of other valuable pieces of impressionism, to confirm the sale to the New York Times.
The new owner will receive the Gauguin painting in January 2016, after the tour at the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, at the Reina Sofía museum in Madrid and the Phillips Collection in Washington.


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