Turner Prize 2014: the final four

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Luca Trovò
il 22 ottobre 2014
Four styles in competition

The Turner Prize exhibition at the Tate Britain has been showcasing artworks by four artists already for a month now and it is drawing people from all kinds of places because of its resonance in the world of contemporary art – it is a chance to shine and foster discussion on how to develop British art and which changes it is currently undergoing. It is now down to four contenders – who will add the winning string to their bow? You’ll have to wait December 1st to find out.

Duncan Campbell, Ciara Phillips, James Richards and Tris Vonna-Michell have produced unique pieces of art, which are now creating contrasting opinion amongst artsy fans. Their leitmotiv is the attempt to fill the gap between past and future in an era where nobody can really tell which direction art is taking. Their artworks are therefore extremely varied, which will surely make the jury’s decision even harder.

Campbell focuses on filmmaking – by using footages and photographs, he raises questions on whether what we know bears remnants of past history. He deconstructs the past and tries to understand it with elements from the present – it is now up to us to decode their meanings.

Ciara Phillips mainly works with prints. She utilizes space and transforms it by creating a new perspective. Her artwork is very concrete, yet abstract, as it forces you to re-think of traditional concepts of shape and form.

Richard’s production is somehow similar to Campbell’s work, although he compiles collages of photos by manipulating their meaning – music plays a fundamental effect as it stresses the psychological and emotional sphere.

Last but not least, Vonna-Michell plays with sound. He creates extremely fast-spoken live performances and audio recordings and tells stories, yet having a visual representation of them.

Feelings are mixed and bafflement is created. You give meaning to what you see because there is no dogma in contemporary art. It’s about how you see the reality and what it produces inside of you. These artists are sharing their point of view – some ideas may be more extravagant than others, but now is all about daring and we need new lenses to look through. Recognition should nevertheless be given to the noticeable attempt of using alternative ways to create impressions with sounds and space.


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