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100 hallucinations of ecstasy by Davide Barca

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il 22 gennaio 2014
A fantastical and twisted iconography with no social and cultural limits

‘100 hallucinations of ecstasy’ is a brilliant illustration series created by Italian artist Davide Barca as part of the 1hundredthings project.

As it says on the tin, the series sets out to visually explore the exoteric concepts of Ecstasy - a psychic state of suspension and mystical elevation of mind - and Hallucination - a false sensory perception experienced in the absence of a real external stimulus.

His (quite literally) mind-boggling body of work consists of 100 visions filtered through a prism at the same time psychedelic, mystical, decorative, primitive and sacred, creating a fantastical and twisted iconography with no social and cultural limits.

A wealth of subjects such as animals, objects, heroes, demons, totems, saints, martyrs, women, gods, angels, trees and plants burst with an explosion of colours as if they were the epiphany of the unity of all things.

Davide Barca - aka Iraqi - is a multi-talented Italian artist born in 1980. Illustrator, painter, ghost poet, singer and performer. His work has been published in several indie magazines amongst which the iconic illustration magazine Frigidaire. Felt-tip pen addicted, he is currently involved in the Full Vacuum project, a fusion of experimental music, live drawing, philosophy and theatre.
Make sure you visit his website and check out more of his amazing work.


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