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Borondo, street art with a twist

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il 31 ottobre 2013
A very personal research of the perfect surface...

Borondo, Spanish street artist class 1989, studied at the IES Margarita Salas art school in Madrid and then went on to read Art at University.

In 2012 he moved to Rome for a student exchange Erasmus at the Accademia di Belle Arti. 

His unusual style is characterised by a constant research of surfaces where to express his personality. As result, he has created graffiti art on improbable materials such as glass and hay bales

His work is based on classical aesthetics but expressed in an ultramodern yet almost primordial way.

Borondo kicks butt and it’s not a euphemism!

He is represented in Italy by Galleria 999Contemporary, a gallery which has started off with a programme aimed at exploring art in a globalised world. The artists are carefully selected on the basis of their uniqueness, the importance in the context of cultural debate, the use several media and techniques, the diversity of their origins and the quality of their creative nomadism.


via: Post it Roma - La Stampa - Artnoise

Images via: Borondo blogspot



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