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The ORA Prize

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il 17 aprile 2013
Registration now open for the ORA Prize
Registration is now open for the ORA Prize. Worldwide galleries will choose 10 artists, one each, with the aim to create new professional relationships. The 10 winners will be offered the opportunity to organise their solo show in the gallery which has selected them in one of the following locations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Boston, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Lugano, Marrakech, Moscow, New York, Nice.

An open prize

The ORA prize is open to all artists with no restrictions on age, nationality, thinking, technique or any other factor. The prize encourages the participation of artists of all levels.


The ORA prize was created to offer artists a practical opportunity to present their work to some active worldwide galleries. All the works entered will, in fact, be examined by a jury of 10 gallerists, providing unique visibility and an opportunity to be contacted directly by art system professionals interested in your work. Each of the 10 galleries will select a winner who will be offered the chance to stage a solo show including critical and commercial support with the prize organizers responsible for international-level communications and publicity. A further 20 artists felt to be particularly deserving will be featured together the winning artists in the prestigious ORA prize catalogue.

Galleries in jury
Red Stamp Art Gallery - Amsterdam
Galeria Ada - Barcelona
Laconia Gallery - Boston
Aerosol Gallery - Buenos Aires
Red Elation Gallery - Hong Kong
Ego Gallery - Lugano
Rempart Galerie - Marrakech
OIOIOI Art Gallery - Moscow
Weldon Gallery - New York
Galleria Monteoliveto - Nice

For further information visit http://www.premio-ora.it/international/IT/bando.html

Registration for the ORA Prize is open until 10 May 2013. Registration fee is €60 allowing to submit 3 works an €5 for any additional submission.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Equilibriarte's members: discounted registration fee €40 rather than €60. To take advantage of this offer, click on the link below or on the ORA Prize banner on Equilibriarte's website.


  • Pittura
  • Fotografia
  • Fashion & Style
  • Corsi e Concorsi
  • Video, Cinema e Musica
  • Illustrazione
  • Libri d'Arte
  • Tecnica
  • Mostre
  • Design


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Alvin SJohnson - 02/10/2017 - 15:53:10
The ORA Prize registration for the Worldwide galleries who will choose 10 artists for the further participation is amazing for the artists. I like that you write in detail about it. I read from the writing service about these ideas and it works a lot for us.
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