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Maggie, the Iron Lady

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Lorenzo Paci
il 10 aprile 2013
Pop art portraits of Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher wasn't definitely a champion of the arts. In fact she was more hated than loved by artists and creatives alike. However, she inspired a great deal of artistic output. Margaret Thatcher has been the subject of theatre, film and television productions, of books and poems, paintings and performances.

She might have dismissed Francis Bacon as 'that man who paints those dreadful pictures' but it can be argued that with her policies she helped turn London into the world's capital city, which has brought new money, ideas and peoples to the country.

She will always be a divisive figure but, loved or hated, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, first and only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, now belongs to history.

We want to remember her with a series of non official portraits.

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