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il 06 ottobre 2012
The new winner
Frieze magazine is delighted to announce Alice Butler as the winner of this year’s Writer’s Prize. Butler has been commissioned to write her first review for frieze magazine, to be published in issue 152, and will be awarded £2,000.

Her winning entry was a review of ‘The Historical Box’ at Hauser & Wirth, London and can be read online at frieze.com/writersprize.

The judges this year were Bidoun editor Negar Azimi, writer Brian Dillon and frieze‘s associate editor Sam Thorne. Thorne remarked: ‘With the seventh annual Frieze Writer’s Prize, we were proud to continue our commitment to discovering and publishing new critical voices.’

Brian Dillon commented, ‘the short exhibition review is a fiendishly difficult form in which to excel; it demands resources in argument, background research, description, compression and writerly voice that are rare even among long- serving critics. Judging this prize, it was a pleasure to be able to reward writing with rare passion, rigour and style.’ Judge Negar Azimi added, ‘I was happy to see entries that discarded the tyranny of past forms and formats and simply did something new with language.’

frieze received more than 200 entries from around the world. This year’s runner- up is Huw Lemmy, and entries from Joseph Audeh, Jennifer Burris, Emma Jones and Nicola Cecilia Wright were all highly commended.

Frieze Writer’s Prize was established in 2006 and is presented annually. The aim of the prize is to discover, promote and encourage new critics from across the world, and many of the previous winners and commended entrants have gone on to contribute to frieze magazine.


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